Masskultur @ Norbergfestival 2013: PUCE MARY (dk), LETTERA 22 (it), ÄTTESTUPA




Puce Mary is the solo project of Copenhagen-based experimental musician Frederikke Hoffmeier. Closely affiliated with the punk scene that grew out of the danish capital and spawned labels like Posh Isolation and bands like Iceage, Vår and Lust for Youth, Hoffmeier has chosen a somewhat different path.
As a solo project, Puce Mary is constantly evolving and never stays in the same place for very long. Where the early tapes and vinyls on danish label Posh Isolation have been minimal with a dark edge, Hoffmeier has recently showcased her diversity through live performances and collaborations. From the concrete sound-poetry of the collaboration vinyls with swedish noise champion Sewer Election to her latest livesets of rhythmic industrial and harsh power electronics, Puce Mary never ceases to push the boundaries of contemporary noise music.

LETTERA 22 (it)

Sprung from the eclectic new wave of Italian noise and industrial music, Lettera 22 is a duo consisting of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza, based in Vittorio Veneto. Their noise is dynamic and creative, balancing in the field between contemporary art music and harsh noise brutality: gritty, textured concrete sounds and field recordings are recorded and manipulated with analogue tape, drenched in tape hiss and finally crushed by a wall of distorted electronics and feedback, which might give way to a room-recording of sounds being played back in the studio, reverbating through the room and mingling with all ”unintentional” ambient sounds.
Apart from recording and performing with Lettera 22 and side projects like Kam Hassah and Drug Age, they are involved in the proliferation of the scene through running the gallery/performance space CodaLunga and the label Second Sleep, both having a wide selection of internationally renowned experimental and noise musicians on their resumés.

Lettera 22 had to cancel a planned Scandinavian tour last fall due to illness. Continuing the ongoing kinship between the Italian and Scandinavian noise community (with Second Sleep having released countless established scandinavian acts recently), we are now especially proud to present one of finest representatives of contemporary european experimental music.


There is a myth that elders in old Sweden were thrown down from a big mountain or height when they no longer had any use for them in the farms and households. That place was called the Ättestupa. The Gothenburg-based band Ättestupa is a bleak mixture of folk music and drone, sometimes even hinting towards black metal and harsh industrial music. Haunted by the ghosts of the past, this is music that reeks of plague, desolate countrysides, heathen rituals and long, harsh cold winters. Featuring Swedish noise champions such as Dan Johansson (of Sewer Election), Viktor Ottosson (of Blodvite, Street Drinkers, Orquere) and Jesper Canell (of Krökta Rum) the band has earned legendary status since the first LP was released on the Release The Bats label back in 2008.

2013 sees the welcome return of Ättestupa with a new LP on Gothenburg label Järtecknet, entitled ”Musik För Tomma Rum”. Where the last LP ”Begraven Mot Norr” was a complex recording themed around funeral customs and death processions in the past centuries of rural Sweden, ”Musik För Tomma Rum” is more stripped-down and introspective. Literally meaning ”Music For Empty Rooms”, the lyrics tell gloomy tales about loneliness and isolation.


Kl 19.15
Friday 26 July
Mimer Stage
Norberg Festival

Artwork by Emmi Herterich


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