Gäst #3 Unicorn Hard-on: Tour Photo Diary


Ny gäst på bloggen! Val Martino gör skev icke-techno med djurtema under namnet Unicorn Hard-on. Hon bor i Nashville, Tennessee men turnerar just Europa tillsammans med Container och Laser Poodle, och förärar Masskultur med en exklusiv sverigespelning den 1a juni (läs: imorgon!). Se info här. Val har gjort en fotodagbok åt oss från turnén. Vi lämnar över ordet till henne.

So, originally when I was asked to do a blog post, it was proposed to me to do a day in the life of Nashville, Tennessee post. Unfortunately I was way too unorganized to pull off such a feat before my flight to Amsterdam. It could have been good, as Nashville is currently having a 13 year cicada invasion. Actually, its pretty horrific because it involves millions of bugs coming out of the ground to molt and fuck and then die. Yeah, thats super fucking gross. So… it’s a good thing!! Maybe another time?
Soon after getting to Amsterdam from Nashville, I met up with the Emeralds dudes who happened to be playing a show that night. While hanging out backstage, doing what Americans do while in Amsterdam (cough cough), John Elliott started showing us his most recent collection of YouTube favorites including ”Giraffes in the Car!” and ”Epic Walrus Sax”. Have you seen these? NO??! Okay, here you go!
Clearly it doesn’t take too much to entertain us!
By the way, Emeralds played an amazing set, and it was a true treat to see them!
The first show of tour is always special, at least for me, I’m always anxious and elated to start it off. We started our tour in Leige, Belgium. Here is Laser Poodle performing:
Found this in Leipzig, made me feel right at home:
I was really excited to see Prague. This was my first time. It was a gorgeous day. I’m a huge animal nerd, and when I saw these swans, I had to take a photo:
At the gig, we had an awesome sound guy who was way into using smoke and lasers. Actually, it was pretty comical.
Here is Container totally lasered out:
Another show worth a mention was in Dresden. We showed up to a desolate field with a girl sunbathing topless under the show canopy.
Unfortunately right before the first band, they had to move the show because as it turns out, the spot that was picked out was actually a bird sanctuary. Birds, apparently are not fond of techno, not techno music. Who knew?! They really only had to move the show to the other end of the park, and a fun time was had by all.
After Dresden was Tharandt, where there is a beautiful botanical garden you can hike through. They even have trees, shrubs, and succulents from North America, most specifically from the Rocky Mountain region.

Now, after the Tharandt show, things got a bit bleak for me. I got a bit of food poisoning on top of a huge morning hangover on our way to Berlin, had to force everyone to pull over so I could puke out my guts for a solid 10 minutes. So shitty, so so brutal, I swear I thought I had e coli for a hot second because I had just read about cucumbers from Spain having it in Germany. Luckily it only lasted one day. The show in Berlin was epic. A mile walk in the forest to a sand pit with an incredible sound system and soooo many cases of beer. A rough night to be sober!

At the moment I am hanging out at a picturesque farmhouse outside of Copenhagen, having just consumed perhaps the most food ever in one sitting. It’s the house Jonathan (from Laser Poodle) grew up in. Tomorrow we head to Stockholm!



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