A note for our English speaking guests


The coming Masskultur night, like the previous two in Örnsberg, are only open for members. Sadly we need to be very strict on this matter, so last time a few people had to turn around and go home because they hadn’t RSVP’ed in advance. This was in part our fault because we hadn’t given much information in English about when and how to RSVP/become a member, forgetting that not everyone who wants to come to our gigs understands Swedish. So, here’s a note for those who don’t:

To become a member of Masskultur, send your name and date of birth (YYMMDD style, ie. 890712 for 12th of July 1989) to masskultur (a) gmail. com. We will put you on the list of attendees, and when you pay the entrance fee of 50 SEK you will recieve your own membership card. We will close the list at 10 PM on tuesday the 31st, so make sure to send your info before that or you won’t get in.
If you were at any of our last two gigs you are already a member and therefore don’t need to RSVP. Remember to bring your membership card if you have one, if you don’t you’ll get it at the door. Contact us if you have any questions.

Also, make sure to tell your friends to RSVP if they want to come. Again, we hate turning people down but we need to be strict on this point.

Best / Masskultur


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