Mother & Masskultur; Stellar OM Source(NL), Heatsick(UK) & Hungry Soul(BE)


Mother and Masskultur No.3

Detroit Gallery

A night of sublime electronics with…

Stellar OM Source (NL)
Deep synthesizers goddess Christelle Gualdi

Heatsick (UK)
From Birds Of Delay, now on CockTail d’Amore

Hungry Soul (BE)
Best kept secret Belgian electro producer
>>DJ Mixes

Netherlands-based synth goddess Christelle Gualdi aka Stellar Om Source; one half of the infamous/revered Birds Of Delay, Steven Warwick aka Heatsick; and Dutch electronica producer Hungry Soul.

Its a trio that captures the best of the current new wave of experimental electronica that’s causing delirious electronic goosebumps on both sides of the Atlantic – that new wave that somehow references both the Kosmische music of 1970’s Germany and the early House moves of Chicago, creating something explorative yet ecstatic for the adventurous music lover. Alongside contemporaries such as Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never, No Fun Acid and Keith Fullerton Whitman, this tour typifies the best of the current crop of alchemists exploring life-changing electronic sounds from different continents and decades and producing their own thrilling machine music.


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