Mother & Masskultur present Action Beat (UK), Sphynxs and Coca-Cola 3


Second instalment of ze Mother and Masskultur team up
Bringing you the best fascist beating gigs in town

This one will be on a boat. Yes a facking boat.
Vieille Montagne. Yeah that one. Nearest tube stop is Slussen.
Kajplats 15, Söder Mälarstrand.

3 acts for 60kr

Check this out for a line up befitting these dark times… We is thinking you need some noise and chaos

Action Beat (UK)

“A normal gig will have at least three guitarists, a bassist and between one to four drummers”

Action Beat is an improvised noise/no-wave punk band from Bletchley (Milton Keynes), heavily inspired by early Sonic Youth, The EX, Glenn Branca and other avant guitar ensembles. When it comes to Action Beat, improvisation is the operative word, as although the band comprises a core of around five musicians, their cast can expand to as many as fourteen for the live shows.

Musically they emulate the intensity of Fugazi and possess a touring ethos of Black Flag, hence, playing constantly. The whirlwind shows are the band’s secret weapon and so far they have gained much recognition in the UK and Europe, by doing things in the only way they know how, by doing it themselves.

Action Beat was conceived by Don Mclean and James Carney in 2004. Although they were extremely incompetent musicians, the band played a hell of a lot of gigs, adorned in comedy outfits. After continuing for some fifty shows as a drum and bass act, James and Don switched to guitars, incorporated a drum machine to punctuate that freak out guitar frenzies, cranked up the amps to preposterous volume, abused delay pedals, ditched the comedy costumes and laid the foundations for wall of sound which is now recognizable at Action Beat shows.

In 2007 the gradually expanding outfit turned up to Southern studios with nothing rehearsed and improvised two songs. Their first record, ”1977-2007 – Thirty Years of Hurt, Then Us Cunts Exploded” was recorded over two days and released on Southern later that year

Having toured constantly throughout the UK and across Europe, Action Beat have played somewhere in the region of 200 gigs, and with many notable bands including: Do Make Say Think, Dälek, Oxes, ZU, OVO, Parts and Labour and many more. Needless to say Action Beat is completely DIY, and dedicated to being a true punk band. In their words, their main goal is ”to play as many shows as we possibly can”


Egyptian influenced punk duo: A Sarkofagus SLOWLY opening, ormar, knivar och spiror som slafsar dig i ansiktet, the metal fence protecting your tent from the Pharaos curse, blod i öknen. Tombs along the wall. Cobra, spitting you in the eye. ”Below the sands, the final Release of snakes. The beast from the East, The Pharao Holds To see. Desert tunnels. Hidden feedback. Burning keys.”

Sphynxs: ”DAWN OF EGYPT” new tape out on Nightzone Tapes.

Coca-Cola 3

Coca-Cola 3 är tillbaka och åter igen mer poppigt än evigt! Trots att röken av mysticism har vädrats ur, är ljudet mer tredimensionellt än någonsin. Ormfingrarna på bas och svarta tangenter lockar på asätar-scat och påminner om fumlig ishockey. De ljud som du kan se, går att skärmdumpa och titta på medan du lyssnar. Njut av tropiska drinkar och slicka synthar.

Som en uppföljare till förra årets ”Moby” släpps nu ”Seal”. 30 minuter non-stop living.

Check this out! it rules;
and there is more;
you can take it fom there… So we will see you there then!

Bestest Regards ///Mother and Masskultur

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